Caring, Affordable Doggie Daycare in Parkersburg, WV

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Times:

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Monday – Friday: 

6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Reliable Doggie Daycare for Ohio & West Virginia Pets

Pet parents in northwestern West Virginia and southeastern Ohio rely on Crazy Bone Pet Spa for caring and affordable doggie daycare services. Do you need someone to look after your dog or cat while you are at work? Looking to socialize your pet to get it more acclimated to other people and pets? Look no further than Crazy Bone Pet Spa’s pet daycare service. Our trained and experienced staff cares for your pets like they are our own, and we do our best to make sure your dogs are comfortable, happy, and safe.

To schedule a pet daycare stay for your dog or cat, contact Crazy Bone Pet Spa today: (304) 916-1838.

You don’t have to worry about your dog feeling lonely or stressing out just because you have to go to work or run errands. Doggie Day-Care is the perfect solution. For a small daily or monthly fee, your pet can have a fun and interactive day with our staff with playtime, both inside and outside, plus no worries of messes on your floor. They will get plenty of bathroom breaks during their day with us. Loud noises, storms, and just being alone can cause stress and anxiety in your pet while you’re away. Not only can that stress be hard on your pet, but can sometimes even cause them to be abnormally destructive. Our clean and convenient facility, along with our caring staff, are the perfect solution to your Doggie Day-Care need. 

Why Choose Pet Daycare?

Some dogs are perfectly happy sleeping and spending time alone while you are at work, but many dogs have plenty of energy that needs to be let out during the day. Pet daycare is great for those dogs and cats that have a lot of energy or that cannot stand to be alone. Daycare can provide a lot of great services for your beloved furry friend.

Socialization – Dogs learn how to be a dog when they watch other dogs. From proper introductions to how to play nicely, it is important that socialization training starts as soon as possible in a dog’s young life. When you use Crazy Bone Pet Spa for doggie daycare, your dog gets supervised socialization time so that they can learn and grow in a safe environment.

Let Out Energy – Exercise is important for any breed of dog, and letting your dog run around and play may be the last thing on your mind when you get home. Pet daycare allows your dog to play and run with the company of other dogs. Even cats can have energy they need to let out, and a professional pet daycare can be a great place for that. Crazy Bone Pet Spa provides your pet with a safe, supervised playtime so they can get out energy in a positive way.

Combat Loneliness – If your dog or cat gets lonely while you are gone, you may start to notice destruction at home. Biting and chewing, going to the bathroom on your carpet, and other bad behaviors are telltale signs of a lonely pet. When your pet goes to daycare at Crazy Bone, you can rest assured that your pet will be around other pets and humans. We love your pets as if they are our own, so if your dog or cat needs to be around someone while you are gone, we are happy to be that companion for them.