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Grooming Day-Care Boarding

153 19th St.
Parkersburg, WV 26101

(304) 916-1838

Lobby Hours
Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Sunday: Lobby Closed

Boarding check in/out times are limited.
See Boarding page for details.

Now Hiring Full-Time Professional Groomers and a Part-Time Front Desk Receptionist

Download a New Client/Pet
Questionnaire and Find FAQs

The More Info Shared with Crazy Bone Pet Spa, the Better Your Pet’s Care

On this page, Crazy Bone Pet Spa clients can download a new client/pet questionnaire and find FAQs. Besides your name and contact information, the questions we ask help us provide safe and quality pet care. The more information we receive, the better care we provide. We want to know about your pet’s medical history, behaviors, and other details to ensure human and animal safety.

If you have questions or concerns about this form, please call us at (304) 916-1838.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Their Answers

1. What shots are required to receive services at Crazy Bone Pet Spa?

A. All grooming, boarding, & daycare services require guests to be current on their annual DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccines.

2. How far ahead should I call to make a grooming appointment?

A. Our award-winning grooming staff stay pretty busy so we recommend calling at least 2 weeks in advance. Allow extra time if you need a particular day of the week or it is close to a holiday. Booking your next appointment as you check out is the best practice to get the day and time you want.

3. What if I need to change or cancel a grooming appointment?

A. We allow grooming appointments to be changed/canceled up to 24 hours prior to the appointment date. If you fail to notify us by that time, you will be charged a no call/no show fee of $25 before you can be rebooked.

4. What if I need to change or cancel a boarding reservation?

A. Boarding reservations are held by a deposit equal to your first night’s stay. You can change or cancel your reservation up to 72 hours prior to your check in date. If you fail to notify us in time, you will lose your deposit.

5. Are there certain times for checking in and out when boarding?

A. Yes. Much like a hotel, check-in times are in the afternoon (M-F 1-5:45, Sat 10-2) and check-out times are in the morning (M-F 9-noon, Sat 10-2). Sunday check-in/out can be requested with our front desk in advance and requires prepayment (since the lobby is closed on Sunday). Sunday check in/out is limited to Noon-3 only.

6. Do I need a reservation for Daycare?

A. A reservation is not required for Daycare, however space is limited so this service is not guaranteed without a reservation.

7. Do you groom cats?

A. Yes. We have groomers skilled in the art of grooming cats. These appointments are limited to M-F 9:00 am only. Cats require patience and extra breaks so extra time is often needed. Cats can be especially combative and grooming will be stopped if they pose a safety risk to themselves or the groomer. If you anticipate your cat being extra nervous or combative, we recommend talking to your vet about medicines that can reduce the stress prior to your visit.

8. Will my dog be in a large pack of dogs while they are in Daycare or Boarding?

A. No. Our guests have their own space to relax and playtime/socialization is done in small, controlled play groups that we put together based on the personality and behavior of the guests. We reserve the right to limit socialization when safety is an issue. Individual playtime will be given in those cases.

9. Can my dog get sick even if they are fully vaccinated?

A. Unfortunately, yes. Just like with people, vaccines are no guarantee but they are the best way to drastically reduce the risk of illness. As new strains pop up, some viruses may break through. Rest assured, we do everything possible to provide a clean and safe environment for your pet. We even provide hospital-grade air purification to add an extra layer of protection to fight against illness.

We Love Our Furry Friends In and Around Both West Virginia and Ohio

Crazy Bone Pet Spa proudly serves pet parents throughout WV and Ohio communities. If you love pets, too, consider working with us! Download our employment form or call us for more information. Whether you need dog grooming, cat daycare, doggie daycare, boarding, or pet hydrotherapy, please contact us today! Our convenient location in Parkersburg, WV, serves residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Find answers to FAQs about Crazy Bone Pet Spa, and download our new client/pet questionnaire.