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Professional Grooming Education

Animal Care and Service Workers Projected to Grow 33 Percent by 2030

Be sure to check out resources and info about professional grooming education if you want to become a professional groomer. If you love animals and have an interest in their care, consider getting certified in dog grooming.

According to Bureau of Labor statistics, overall employment of animal care and service workers could grow 33 percent by 2030. To talk to one of our groomers about the industry, call Crazy Bone Pet Spa at (304) 916-1838.

Dog Grooming in West Virginia

To receive dog grooming certification in West Virginia, you must have a high school, or General Educational Development (GED) diploma. On average, a pet groomer salary in West Virginia is around $31K.

The salary range usually falls between $25K and $39K. Though not specifically required by law, West Virginia groomers can get certification through the National Dog Grooming Association of America. Prospective groomers in WV also use online programs through Penn Foster and Ashworth College.

Requirements and Training for Ohio Dog Groomers

In Ohio, hired groomers must meet certain educational requirements, though having a license is not one, legally speaking. Dog grooming salaries in Ohio range between $28K and $43K with an average salary of $34,500. To start your own grooming business in Ohio, you must hold a Pet Grooming Facility License or a regional certification. Ohio has three main educational options for prospective groomers:

Diamond-Cut Dog Grooming School
Happy Pets Academy of Grooming
Cleveland Grooming Academy

Crazy Bone Pet Spa Encourages Web Groomer Training for WV and Ohio

With dog grooming growing into a booming industry, many schools offer certification and training programs on the worldwide web. Generally, training and certification requirements take under two years. The dog grooming industry is especially growing in WV and Ohio communities, like:

Wood County, WV
Parkersburg, WV
Vienna, WV
Mineral Wells, WV
Williamstown, WV
Lubeck, WV

Wirt County, WV
Elizabeth, WV

Jackson County, WV
Ravenswood, WV
Ripley, WV

Ritchie County, WV
Harrisville, WV

Washington County, OH
Marietta, OH
Belpre, OH
Reno, OH

Morgan County, OH
Noble County, OH
Athens County, OH

Whether in Ohio, WV, or elsewhere, you can become a dog groomer via programs like those previously mentioned, plus:

If you want to become a professional groomer,
be sure to check out resources and info about professional grooming education.